South street proffessor

from by Back to 1984



The streets will tell you the story, of a bunch of kids, that never knew the other side
They never wanted to hide, from all the fears and the glories, the people told them about.
They all were trapped, in a rope, but you could see their soul,
They only wanted fo fly, away from home.
And daddy said, come on Little boy, you can be different,
you could change the game right now.

You should go to the south street, your innocence will let you see the profesor,
he will tell you some stories, and i´m sure you will find the big lesson.

Doesn´t matter the enviroment around, you know you gotta do it
Don´t give a fuck about the thugs or any crowds, you know they´re gonna fall.

The directions, that you must take
The crossroads, that turned you around
The signals, to turn up the radio
And let the world be part, of your knowledge

There´s no time to take a breath, there´s no time to say goodbye,
The sorrows, tha pain, burned deep in the night, will be destroyed by the working class
A big fuck to this troubled times
A big fuck to the stereotipes
The rythm, this song, this is becoming real
You only got to know…

We all know the situation is sad but true,
We gotta think there´s something we can do
Will came out in your hands, and in your deepest voice.


from Punk rock shelter, released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Back to 1984 Viveiro, Spain

Moro and Pérez played music together since 2004.
After the italian tour with Blünt in 2007, they started to play acoustic guitars and Back to 1984 was born. They put out "Punk Rock Shelter" in 2012 and Nacho and Javi joined them playing upright bass and drums and they had a lot of fun! They stopped playing in 2013. ... more

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