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My son has gone to a place he doesn´t know
And he tell me he´s complete, he´s helping other people
But someday all changed and his mind was pissed off
He kept the strenght at all, and embraced all his convictions

The disease of a rocket is being the last to be broken
I always knew this wasn´t easy
I wish those bombs fallo ver you
You deserved it and you´ve got it
One life to spread rebellion
You deserved and you´ve got it
I wish those bombs fall over you
You deserved and you´ve got it my friend.

I tried to evade,all the blood his words reflect
Cause I was sure he was making what he thought correct.

All days he wrote me, i just could realize
that his visión of this world had changed.

And now all it seems like you´ve got it
You stopped seein us like a target
I have all my friends against to you
And we are such a family

What are you gonna do at this moment
When i have all this people around me
We are giving back the struggle you created
To create a new lifetime.

Uoooo…. I can´t sleep at night
Uoooo…. With all these tears behind..
Uoooo…. I can´t sleep at night
Uoooo…. With all these tears behind.


from Punk rock shelter, released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Back to 1984 Viveiro, Spain

Moro and Pérez played music together since 2004.
After the italian tour with Blünt in 2007, they started to play acoustic guitars and Back to 1984 was born. They put out "Punk Rock Shelter" in 2012 and Nacho and Javi joined them playing upright bass and drums and they had a lot of fun! They stopped playing in 2013. ... more

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