Punk rock shelter

by Back to 1984

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released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Back to 1984 Viveiro, Spain

Moro and Pérez played music together since 2004.
After the italian tour with Blünt in 2007, they started to play acoustic guitars and Back to 1984 was born. They put out "Punk Rock Shelter" in 2012 and Nacho and Javi joined them playing upright bass and drums and they had a lot of fun! They stopped playing in 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Everybody´s gone
One day before you left you asked me for more
You tried to understand what the hell had you done
Wasting the moments, accepting the lies
Nobody were watching your back then

Making decisions all by yourself,
but trying to grow up around the people you love
it´s our chance to stay alive,
we´ve got to choose our path now

You´ve got, you´ve got the answer
And the secret is on your eyes
I had the strenght enough to see what´s all about

Now all i want is spend my life with you
And hold my hand forever is the best thing you can do.

when everybody´s gone
all systems go
all the lights go out
but there´s always hope

It seems like the ocean is falling apart,
like two different roads turning into one.
The reasons, reflections that growed up your head,
became the roots of your life now.

And it´s not all over cause we know…
Track Name: Rebellion
My son has gone to a place he doesn´t know
And he tell me he´s complete, he´s helping other people
But someday all changed and his mind was pissed off
He kept the strenght at all, and embraced all his convictions

The disease of a rocket is being the last to be broken
I always knew this wasn´t easy
I wish those bombs fallo ver you
You deserved it and you´ve got it
One life to spread rebellion
You deserved and you´ve got it
I wish those bombs fall over you
You deserved and you´ve got it my friend.

I tried to evade,all the blood his words reflect
Cause I was sure he was making what he thought correct.

All days he wrote me, i just could realize
that his visión of this world had changed.

And now all it seems like you´ve got it
You stopped seein us like a target
I have all my friends against to you
And we are such a family

What are you gonna do at this moment
When i have all this people around me
We are giving back the struggle you created
To create a new lifetime.

Uoooo…. I can´t sleep at night
Uoooo…. With all these tears behind..
Uoooo…. I can´t sleep at night
Uoooo…. With all these tears behind.
Track Name: Punk rock shelter
There is six in the morning. The storm doesn´t let me sleep
There is six in the morning. And the problems doesn´t disappear
There is six in the morning. There is something in my head
There is six in the morning. Growing up as the universe.

This is my punk rock shelter, and nobody can come in
This is my punk rock shelter, just keep the secret on your lips
It´s like a beautiful land, where you can´t grow old
It´s like a frozen time, to remind you to stand up.

There is six in the morning. And you feel there´s something wrong
There is six in the morning. You are in a place where you don´t belong
There is six in the morning. You still feel like a dreaming kid.
There is six in the morning. Your teenage dreams had gone and will never go…
Back to these days…..no!!

All your lost chords will be waiting there for you
Even when you think, that, you have better, things to do
Progression killed all the feelings you fed up
But time will tell what´s the meaning, of your life!

This is my punk rock, punk rock!!, sanctuary…
Till the day we die
Track Name: All this shit
Doesn´t matter how the fuck you dress
Doesn´t matter how the fuck you see it
We only gotta stay together
If we wanna make the change
We gotta stay united
All the time running out the crowd
It´s really hard to keep away desires
Day by day, step by step
Keeping closer the enemy
Never wasting time.

Doesn´t matter the colour of your skin
I don´t care about the music that you hear
All this shit will be, soon forgotten
Sometimes is hard to understand
Why people doesn´t make the stuff they can
it´s in our hands today….to make this happen.

Spread the word, the dreams can turn reality
Do you know we all must be free…
Track Name: Forest of life
Looking back on the brighter days, feeling the pressure of the ones who felt in love, you were trapped in a cage, you don´t wanna break at all.
People took their directions, and you felt you were gonna explode.
but walking always with the truth first, be sure we´ll meet again.

There will be a place there, to take a breath
A moment, to see your friends
Hearing a psycobilly band
Where the lies are, just coming correct
I hope you understand this song and join our secret world..

This is the forest, the forest of life
A place where your beloved ones, are just not so far
This is the forest, the forest of life.
This is the forest, the forest of life.

Life is, not fair sometimes, but you gotta keep it high.
Feel the strenght and the power, the rythm just gives to you..
You gotta face your fears, and let your feelings flow.
Shout the world in the ear, you´re not hidding from anyone…

Track Name: South street proffessor
The streets will tell you the story, of a bunch of kids, that never knew the other side
They never wanted to hide, from all the fears and the glories, the people told them about.
They all were trapped, in a rope, but you could see their soul,
They only wanted fo fly, away from home.
And daddy said, come on Little boy, you can be different,
you could change the game right now.

You should go to the south street, your innocence will let you see the profesor,
he will tell you some stories, and i´m sure you will find the big lesson.

Doesn´t matter the enviroment around, you know you gotta do it
Don´t give a fuck about the thugs or any crowds, you know they´re gonna fall.

The directions, that you must take
The crossroads, that turned you around
The signals, to turn up the radio
And let the world be part, of your knowledge

There´s no time to take a breath, there´s no time to say goodbye,
The sorrows, tha pain, burned deep in the night, will be destroyed by the working class
A big fuck to this troubled times
A big fuck to the stereotipes
The rythm, this song, this is becoming real
You only got to know…

We all know the situation is sad but true,
We gotta think there´s something we can do
Will came out in your hands, and in your deepest voice.
Track Name: The choices you made
All the decisions and choices you made
All the friends you lost in the middle are struggling your back,
breaking your sleeping time again. Now

You must follow your dreams, let the tears fall apart
Pick up the guitar and never look back
Sometimes you gotta keep the attitude
To avoid your self destruction

So many tears, so many lies, so many fears that you carried above
So many tears and so many lies, to look out for your life.
Track Name: The call of the humans
Ooooo… this is my last call to the other choice
Oooooo…see my feelings rising from my voice
Ooooo….could you see the reasons to return
Ooooo….if I show you the message of my song

You desired see the new wind blowing
And denied , the murder flowing
There´s a direction to go for

This time, no rats are showing
Can´t beat the feeling growing
No cards accepted to reboot.

Now is time to turn off the tv
And let the true information come in
You´ll see the horrible illusion that you´re living.

Hear the call of the humans rising
Over the mass media laughing
In the middle of knives we are the same.

This time will be no more lies… just see the suffering from their eyes..
Track Name: Red coat girl
Someday you wake up and you feel just tired. Nobody could just make you smile,
you´re tired of the business, tired of the hipocracy, listen to my song and get up off your knees.
Sick of hearing all the people talking shit, you´re searching for the answer out in the streets,
there´s no other reason to read between the lines, all is easier than all the stuff you thought about.

You saw the girl with the red coat, and you realized that you could feel better,
that small things really make it count.
You saw the girl with the red coat, and the compromise of being like the others
Just vanished into the sky.

Cross the line, and follow your dreams, get away of this mental disease.
Let you fall in love with da true decisions.
Make a call, go and scream, use your freedom to stay in peace,
The smell of time is better when it´s not wasted.

From the top of the mountains, to the end of the sea, all is closed right there in a grid.
Let the passion prevail, under the moonlight.
When the lovers refused to agree, time is passing by, we have to resist,
I know you´re going to fight to choose the right direction.

Someday you wake up and you feel just tired. Nobody could just make you smile,
you´re tired of the business, tired of the hipocracy, listen to my song and get up off your knees.
-There´s no time to loose, what are you waiting for? just Follow your dreams, and make it true.
They think it could be better, but not for you. The future is on your hands, and all you need is trust.

You saw the girl with the red coat, the red coat.
You saw the girl with the red coat, the red coat is in your mind.
Have you ever seen the moonlight, in a darkest night than this.
Have you ever seen the moonlight, in a darkest night.
You saw the girl with the red coat, the red coat.
You saw the girl with the red coat, the red coat is in your mind.
Track Name: Back to 1984
As a punkrock teenager i used to stay,
Running all time behind my illusions
You couldn´t understand what I was dreaming all about
Who could imagine that all those feelings will be gone
Who could realize that all will be forsaken

I had a dream where I was coming back
back to 1984
I saw the rest of us had joined the show
I had a dream where nothing counted so much
Just to have some fun
I saw all buddies all around but you

We though those things will never change
That business couldn`t fuck the game
Those songs that made you grow inside
Now are used to sell more t-shirts.

This choice of wildness maybe appears in other times
Maybe this feeling will grow up again soon

We both together are strong
That Make me feel I wasn´t wrong
Doesn´t matter others point of view
we know the feeling is still true

don´t wake me up i don´t wanna see another lie
don´t wake me up cause in my dream i´m fine.

just to have some fun